The adoption of an Architect can be broken down into 6x separate areas below.

  1. Hourly Consults
  2. Design Architect
  3. Construction drawings
  4. Project Management
  5. Site Supervision
  6. Principal Agent and Principal Consultant – all of the above.

Elaboration of services:

Hourly consults:

We always advise the adoption of an Architect as early as possible for any project, especially before when choosing to purchase land. By adopting an Architect to review your land for an initial hourly rate will potentially save you substantial capital in avoiding any costly pitfalls as well as assist in identifying the most preferable site for your home or development. 

The Design Architect

Review land, prepare concept designs, process the design development up to Council submission status.

Construction drawings

Prepare detailed fabrication drawings and material specifications for the tendering and construction of the building.  

Project Management

Advise, guide, co-ordinate and manage the design, the various building professionals and the construction process from concept design to completion.

Site supervision

Manage the building contract and various building professionals through to completion.   

Principal Agent

Act as Principal Consultant and take full responsibility for all parties within the project and manage the process from concept to completion.